Commitment at Señorío de Líbano winery

At Bodegas Señorío de Líbano we are aware of the importance to be responsible with our environment, our landscape, our vineyards and our colleagues, which is why we take special care of the impact we have on the natural and social environment in which we carry out our activity.

Señorío de Líbano winery has mission to improve live quality and guarantee generational change in the rural environment, wealth and providing employment for future generations. Furthermore, we want to be an organization whose employees and partners are committed to the company and its values: economic transparency and professional ethics in all areas and processes, social involvement, quality, innovation and honesty.

On an environmental level, we aim to be leaders in the commitment to sustainability to make of our wines. To this end, we have implemented measures in our production processes from the vineyard to consumption, traceability system, from the ecological management in our crops vineyards use organic materials, to the calculation and reduction of the carbon footprint generated by our logistical operations.

We also work to minimize our impact on the natural environment with measures such as natural fertilizers, reducing the weight of the glass in our bottles, the use of recycled material in our packaging, the use of closures made from 100% recyclable materials of natural origin and the development of capsules without plastic derivatives and water-based inks.

On a social and wine tourism level,  Señorío de Líbano winery works to improve the accessibility of its facilities and services, offering in the field of tourism reliability and guarantees to whom demand accessibility when set out on a tourist experience.

Señorío de Líbano winery has designed a quality, personalised and inclusive wine tourism offer, and from today, open to everyone, it is obligatory to take into account each and every one of the groups, especially those who may encounter some kind of difficulty when visiting us.

Commitment to facilitate Accessible and Inclusive Tourism.

Bodegas Señorio de Líbano

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